January 2013

A New Look for the Library Catalog!



 Our catalog is getting a facelift! The new look is in beta and is scheduled to be released in February. The catalog will feature a cleaner layout and larger font sizes for a more readable display.

In addition to cosmetic improvements, you will be able to save links to search result lists (or to an individual result) using a “Permalink” button and place holds on checked out items from the catalog display. Also, a “Continue your search in SuperSearch” link will allow you to send your catalog search to SuperSearch with a single click.



Preview the new look at http://library.drake.edu/goto/catalog – click the “page peel” in the upper right corner

Teaching Information Literacy through Documentary Film


Professor Carrie Dunham-LaGree, librarian for digital literacy and general education, debuted a new information literacy course in Drake’s inaugural J-term. The course combines documentary films and research. Each day, the class watches at least one documentary film, including classics like The Thin Blue Line; modern favorites Born Into Brothels, Jesus Camp, and Waste Land; and soon-to-be-new-classics like Uprising: Hip-Hop and the L.A. Riots and The Invisible War.

thinblueUsing documentary films as research texts allow students to better understand research as a circular process rather than a linear one. The documentary films represent the end of the filmmaker’s research process, but they also serve as a starting point for student research. Watching documentaries raises a multitude of questions, such as ‘what questions are left unanswered by the film?’ and ‘where can you take the research next?’

The final project challenges students to explore an original research idea and imagine how a resulting documentary film would come together. The course fulfills the AOI for information literacy and will also be offered in Spring 2013.