November 2011 Briefing

Cowles Library – Communication and Collaboration are Priorities

The faculty of Cowles Library launched a special initiative this semester called
“Connect – Communicate – Collaborate” (CCC)

The CCC initiative is intended to provide a superior experience for teaching faculty for making the best use of library programs and services. It’s people focused, connecting and communicating one-on-one.

Its ultimate objective is enhancing the Drake exceptional learning experience – especially in the area of engagement with knowledge resources and the precepts of information literacy. In addition, library faculty are making a special effort to become aware of and directly support faculty research activities.

The initial focus group of CCC has been on new faculty. In addition to the regular orientation session, new faculty have been able to take advantage of a full consultation session with a librarian. Many have done additional sessions. Follow-up has also taken place by e-mail and Facebook. All of Drake’s new faculty have been contacted, and, as of 1 November, more than 20 had participated in this program.

These interactions are leading to some exciting and meaningful collaborations, including: greater awareness of the Library’s resources in the disciplines and specialties of each Faculty member; awareness of information literacy resources for instruction; class sessions on research methodologies; and Research Guides for programs and individual classes.

The bottom line – library and teaching faculty are forging long-term relationships that enhance the exceptional leaning environment of Drake.

Beginning in the Spring of 2012, the Library Faculty will embark on extending this program to all Drake faculty. If this is of interest to you, contact Carrie Dunham-Lagree or Bruce Gilbert, or call x4821.