April 2014

Picture of a needle in a haystack.  Text reads: "Discovering Knowledge.   Discovery is the complex set of software and web tools that allow users to find information in today's global information systems and vast digital collections."

Library Collections – A Revolution in Knowledge and Access

Cowles Library is committed to sustaining the instructional and research needs of a community of faculty teacher-scholars and their students with access to a comprehensive set of scholarly information resources. The Library Faculty has brought together a world-class collection of knowledge resources – most available in a digital format. This is a vast amount of rich scholarly content, data, and images. The Library has been at the forefront in providing new search and discovery tools that can quickly access and organize the most relevant content, even down to the discipline and course level.

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In the future, it seems, there will be no fixed canons of text and no fixed epistemological boundaries between disciplines, only paths of inquiry, modes of integration, and moments of encounter.

Carla Hesse
Books in Time