January/February 2014

Word cloud centered on "collaboration"

Focus on Collaboration

Welcome to a new edition of the Cowles Library Newsletter.

In the library’s last annual report, I stated that a major focus of the library is bringing together a community of scholars and learners – to help shape and sustain Drake’s exceptional learning environment. Last year’s listening tour, along with input through our Faculty Liaison structure, and from students, all continue to shape the nature of the library program and services.

This issue highlights just of few of the many collaborations that have been formed with the library to enhance the utilization of knowledge resources, to engage learners through high-impact information literacy practices, and to connect the community of learners through virtual and physical space.

As always, we invite you to join us in collaboration and community!
–Dean Rod Henshaw

Librarians are now advocates, consumers, educators, and publishers. We are linked not only with other libraries and library systems but also with publishers, foundations, and government. Simultaneously, limited resources are testing our ability to provide services that align with rapid innovation and changing user behavior. All of this is forcing academic libraries to become more entrepreneurial, to seek new ways to collaborate more deeply, effectively, and creatively than we have before . . .”

Irene Gashurov and Curtis L. Kendrick
Library Journal, Oct. 2, 2013